Saturday, November 10, 2007

"15 is the number" weekly report & change time of entry

This week breaks our hearts into pieces
we suffer -50 pips and it made me speechless!!

To be honest with you guys, I'm tired of waking up early morning before
03.59am WIB (GMT+7),
(for you guys in US and other part of the world,
probably you're in the middle of your routine nap or trapped in an office meeting at this hour)
that's nice only during the fasting month.

Actually , I'd been using this signal at the opening candle at 06.30 am WIB (GMT+7) as the entry point for quite some time, and the result was satisfying.
but when fasting month came I decided to change the entry point to 03.59 am
(in case you dont know, in fasting month I have to get up early to enjoy a pre-dawn meal before fasting in the following day)
and I hate to wake up again at 06.30!!

Why dont we try to slide back to our nature at 06.30 am WIB (GMT +7, it's just before japan market open) and use it as our entry point... for good??

Still, the choices are yours...

Note: we still use the same SL, the same TP and the same pairs.
we will trade everyday!!
like i said "be wise using this signal"

Note again: please give your comment, input, critics and other things you want to say.


Anonymous said...

I had observed your trading strategy for a week. initially I thought to use your strategy, but now it's looked not good enough. Hey I lost U/J for 190 pips in Friday, though some my indicator say it'll going down.
do you have a strategy that can forecast when prices will move?
I always miss the momentum like yesterday.(GJ move 500 pips,Aaagghhhh)

Azmoeth said...

Thank you for your comment,
I really appreciate it.

A forex expert told me that to judge a system, you had to analyze and follow it (with your virtual money of course) at least more than a week, or you can do it only in 5 minutes by reading its track record.

In my case, I'm building my track records live, right before my friends (blog readers) eyes and I'm using my real money. I have a proven track record about this system, I could've published it if I wanted to, but I chose not...coz someone might say I just made it up:)

I made a big mistake by changing the entrance time from 06.30am WIB(GMT +7) to 03.59am WIB (GMT +7). For that I apologize, I shouldn't have done that, I felt so sorry for my self!!
thats why I now return to my old entrance time. I hope it would give a good result as I had before.

Since all trading strategies are probability, this system also abides by the law of probability. And the risk to reward ratio should be at least 2 :1 or higher. I am aware of this and acknowledge it as point of weakness on my system. I expect to fix it soon. Or if you guys have a better ratio using this system, please let us know...

Anyway I don’t have strategy to forecast on when the price is to move. If you have it in the future, would you share it with me..:)

Thank you again.