Thursday, November 15, 2007

"15 is the number" signal for November 15, 2007

Signal for November 15, 2007.

The Benchmark price for USD/JPY is 111.45

The Benchmark price for GBP/JPY is 229.55

remember the rules how to use this benchmark price !
Read again the post, because I've made some major alterations.


Anonymous said...

My first session on the 15th made me 58 pips. Your system worked perfectly. Once I figured out the time difference I was okay. In Arizona, USA I am 16hrs behind the Japan market open. You said there are major alterations - I don't see them on your blog. Pls explain; did you change Target Price as you were thinking???
Thank you.

Azmoeth said...

Thank you for your comment.

Congratulation for your "first" 58 pips using my system:)

I guess you are a new reader of my blog. I'd been taking my entry at the opening candle at 06.30am, before I did a terrible mistake by changing my entry time from 06.30am to 03.59am (before sidney open)several weeks ago.

right now, we're back to where we used to make the the opening candle at 06.30am WIB (GMT+7).

Yes, I've been thinking to change our Target Trice. I am still gathering some data to back up our TP change...I am playing safe here, dont want to make another stupid decision.

post a comment if you have another questions.

Happy trading, be wise:)