Monday, November 19, 2007

"15 is the number" report on November 19,2007 signal

Bad News and Good News, which one do you want to hear first?

The bad one came from our GBP/JPY pair, We suffered -50 pips today.
And the good news is we made positive pips on USD/JPY for +18 pips.
The bad guy wins this time as we end up -32 pips today.
Here is the report:

The Benchmark price for USD/JPY is 110.87

The Benchmark price for GBP/JPY is 227.05

November 19, 2007

06.30 am WIB (+7 GMT) around half an hour before japan market open.
USD/JPY opened at 110.90
GBP/JPY opened at 227.77

Open SHORT on USD/JPY at 110.88, SL 111.216 TP 110.70
Our TP hit at 09.33 am for +18 pips

Open SHORT on GBP/JPY at 227.73, SL 228.23 TP 227.38
Our SL hit at 07.16 am for -50 pips

Hope tomorrow brings us positive pips. See you...