Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"15 is the number" report on November 28,2007 signal

Three times in a row....what a good start!!
+53 pips collected from the market today.

The report:

The Benchmark price for USD/JPY is 108.36

The Benchmark price for GBP/JPY is 224.51

November 28, 2007

06.30 am WIB (+7 GMT) around half an hour before japan market open.
USD/JPY opened at 108.81
GBP/JPY opened at 224.91

Open SHORT on USD/JPY at 108.81, SL 109.09 TP 108.63
Our TP hit at 07.27 am for +18 pips

Open SHORT on GBP/JPY at 224.88, SL 225.38 TP 224.53
Our TP hit at 07.39 am for +35 pips

See you tomorrow


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