Thursday, January 17, 2008

No trade tomorrow

There will be no trade for tomorrow Jan 18, 2008
Lots of bad major news for our system.

Just to remind you that today is the last day for my free signal. I begin selling it.
Starting Monday I will only post the result of my signal.
For my subscribers, I have sent an e- mail regarding this situation.
I will post my e-mail here :

Dear Sir or Madam,

I plan to stop giving away my signal for free end of next week (January 18 , 2008) and start selling it. You will be the one of my first subscribers and being the first will get most benefits I can offer.

As to me, I bet you've been following my signal for several weeks now and you have seen live on the result.
Until now we have 434 pips from 35 trading days (from Nov 12 until Jan 11, minus holidays and no trade days), thats 12.4 pips per trading day on average.

Yes, it's only 12 pips per day and I cant and wont lie to you, because you know it's true, right? You might have realized that there is no such trading system that wont lose and give you constant win. If someone says otherwise, thats probably a lie.

The best thing about my signal is you dont have to sit in front of computer all day long waiting for the signal. After you place your trade at my specific given time; that will be 06.30 am Jakarta time (GMT+7), I recommend you to turn off your computer and do other things that you like and get the result 14 hours later. My signal only recommends 1 trade a day, not more. Dont risk your money several times too much.

My signal subscribers will get my signal by email and Yahoo messenger and also direct SMS to their mobile phone 30 minutes before the entry time, live support by phone, e-mail or chat and tricks to get the most profit from my system.
To set for Stop Loses and Target Profit you can check it how on my blog (and you Sirs and Madams must have got used to it since you've been a reader to my blog )

For this service you only have to pay US$150 per month or US$400 per 3 months.This offer valid until this end of January. This price is fixed forever for you (because you are my blog subscriber) I will raise this price on early February 2008.

This subscription fee is considerably insignificant comparing to what you might get from my signal. Attached I am showing you your money trade journey using my signal and money management.

The other best thing is :
You can sell again my signal to your friends or others. I dont mind at all.

If you agree, please kindly transfer to :

Bank : Bank Mandiri
KK Depok Tengah branch
Beneficiary's name : Azimuddin
Account number : 157-00-0011379-6
Swift Code : BEIIIDJA
Telp. : +6281398843574 or +62-21-7718676

After you make the transfer, please email me and fax the receipt to number :
+62-21-77826229 or scan and e-mail it to me to
If you have further question please contact me.

Thank you.
Mobile :+6281398843574
Phone : +62-21-7718676
Fax : +62-21-77826229
Yahoo ID : azmoeth