Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"15 is the number" signal for January 16, 2008

Signal for January 16, 2008.

The Benchmark price for USD/JPY is 107.51


Anonymous said...

dear azmut
I'm a fans of your blog n your system. I'm appreciating for what you've done to your system n the willingness to share it. Otherwise in this couple last days I found that your system will give false signal if the open price at 06.30am WIB (+7GMT)is located to close to the channel trend line and the Open Position (SHORT/LONG) is moving to that trend line. For an instance today's open position at 06.30am WIB (+7GMT) is 106.65, and the space available between 106.65 and the upper channel line is less than 42pips from 106.65. Finally after the price touching the upper channel line at 106.81 around 10.00am WIB, the price turn around against your signal n hit your SL. The same pattern happen in Monday 14,2008. I want to upload some JPEG to give a better picture but unfortunately I don't know how to upload it here and I don't know your email either. You may email or chat with me through yahoo messenger (if I'm online), if willing to discus it more.
Forgive me for disturbing your time n your blog also :).

Azmoeth said...

Dear Mr. Angga,
Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it.

You have analyzed my signal with a very good knowledge of forex technical analysis and I believe that would be your advantages.

but again, I play only on probability
and have to trade all day, unless there are several news I dodge that will make my system useless, to get the probability complete. Thats the beauty of my signal; you dont have to worry too much bout those indicators and all.

and you make my system even better with you using trend channel. You can combine my system with yours.Like I said, thats your advantages, not everyone has it:)

FYI, I plan to stop giving my signal for free by the end of this week (jan 18) and start selling it for $150 per month or $400 per 3 months. Special price for my fellow Indonesian of course:).

E-mail me to order and for further information.