Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dec 9, 2008 Trade Result

Today -30 pips...

Here is the report:

The Benchmark price for USD/JPY is 93.51

Desember 9, 2008

08.00 am WIB (+7 GMT)
USD/JPY opened at 93.23

Open LONG on USD/JPY at 92.77, SL 92.49 TP 93.30
Our SL hit 12.25 pm for -28 pips

Pips collected so far on Desember 2008 : -12 pips


Anonymous said...

Pak Azimuddin, we've follow your signal for a quite time being. It's a good analysis you've been doing. Unfortunately it's not free anymore. But it's ok, we appreciate your good work. Thank's

Azmoeth said...

Hello pak Cherry,

Thank u for visiting my blog. I've checked your site too.nice touch there...and lots of pips you've been gathering make it more interesting.

keep up the wonderful job.