Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today's Result

Today -28 pips...

Here is the report:

The Benchmark price for USD/JPY is 106.27

July 15, 2008

08.00 am WIB (+7 GMT)
USD/JPY opened at 106.06

Open LONG on USD/JPY at 106.04, SL 105.76 TP 106.46
Our SL hit at 10.52 am for -28 pips


Unknown said...

Dear Azmoeth,

Good Morning.

Thank you for the great service that you offer in your Blog on how to benefit from the Forex Markets. After all the hype out there about Signals places your seems to be the most genuine and best of all, you don't charge for your service!!

Azmoeth I want to benefit from the Forex Markets as you do and have been following your blog for a while but I am a bit confused and wanted to ask for your help please as to how your Blog works.

I visit your Blog every day, a couple of times a day to get the Signal that you post, but whenever I visit your blog all I see is the past Trade and the result from the previous day and what the trade would have been, never the actual trade and if I should go Long or Short and at what prices so I never benefit from your accurate Signals.

Please can you explain to me how your Blog works and at what time I should visit it to get the daily Signal so that I may benefit with you.

I also wanted to ask you if I could subscribe to it via mail or if you could send me the daily Signal via an e-mail to me so that I receive the daily Signal and benefit with you??

Thank you in advance.


Damien Haroff

Azmoeth said...

Dear Mr. Damien

Thank You for visiting my blog and putting your valuable time to write to me.

Actually, you are right. I do post only my previous trade and to be frankly, I sell this system for anyone who wants to.

But, I recommend you to just sit and observe my trade for a while, see if it's really make benefits out of the market.

If you're convinced, than you may contact me again.