Thursday, December 20, 2007

"15 is the number" report on Desember 20, 2007 signal

I closed my trade manually today, after all today is Iedul Adha Day:)
I sacrificed my trade.
Today's result +7 pips
here is the report:

The Benchmark price for USD/JPY is 113.28

December 20, 2007

06.30 am WIB (+7 GMT) around half an hour before japan market open.
USD/JPY opened at 113.31

Open SHORT on USD/JPY at 113.31, SL 113.59 TP 112.89
I closed manually at 07.50 am for +7 pips

Happy Iedul Adha guys, for you who celebrates it!!


artha said...

hi azimoeth, i wonder why you close your trade manually today..did you sacrificed your trade? but it's ok man, i'm with you..I sacrificed too,same with you..+7pips..happy idul adha too...artha

Azmoeth said...

Hello Artha,

The choices to do anything to your trades are still yours Artha...
The reasons why I closed manually my trade because I thought it was fair for us to celebrate Ied Adha in peace; eat some ketupat, meet relatives, slaughter some sheep and so on, not thinking bout our trade just for this once-in-a year holy day.
I was almost late for my Iedul Adha prayer (they began several minutes after 06.30)because of my trade.I felt so bad about that.
Any way, we should have got +42 pips today if we didnt close our trade, our TP hit around 05.00pm. But its ok, we stll got plenty of trades waiting ahead..

Take care Artha...