Thursday, October 25, 2007

"15 is the number" report on October 25,2007 signal

Another +45 pips generously conveyed by the market today
and I carefully stashed them to my pipchest (what is pipchest? a chest where
you keep your pips, you should have had one). Here's the report :

The Benchmark price for USD/JPY is 114.16
The Benchmark price for GBP/JPY is 233.70

October 25, 2007

03.59 am WIB.
USD/JPY closed at 114.27
GBP/JPY closed at 234.21

Open Short on USD/JPY at 114.25, SL 114.83 TP 114.10
Our TP hit at 05.39 am for +15 pips

Open short on GBP/JPY at 234.18, SL 234.68 TP 233.88
Our TP hit at 05.39 am for +30 pips

well, enough is enough but we'll never be satisfied...
Indulge yourself with another signal tomorrow morning!! see you..


Anonymous said...

I did the same as mentioned by you, but my 67 pips. And for current according to India time, it's 9:35 AM and I have buy @ 233.35. Let's see what will be the results. I will get back to your blog with current buy results after I sell them. If I forget you may mail me a reminder on

Kalpesh Sharma
Ahmedabad, India.
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Thanks ! Bye.....

Anonymous said...

Here is the update for my above comment. I mentioned that at 9:35 AM I had buy @ 233.35 . The results are here:

At 1:30 Pm India time I had the profit of 81 pips.

Greater then before.

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Kalpesh

+67 and +81
The more the better!!

You have your own great strategy..but my system may only suitable for people like me, who has to go to work no time to sit in front of computer all the time.

you may share your system to others by putting your website link on my blog if you like.


Anonymous said...

Sure ! I will get back to you with details. But currently under research going on. Let me complete my research once. Also I would like to inform you that I work only on the basis of buy/sell @ market price. No SL, No Limit, etc.

Please save my messenger ID and Email ID

Hope a new long lasting relationship will soon start begin between us.

Thanking you for this invitation,


Kalpesh Sharma

Anonymous said...

Kalpesh Sharma Is a thief and a rip-off artist. He stole $400 and will do the same to you. This lazy asshole makes his living stealing from you and me. He will be exposed for the next 50 years all over the Internet. SHARMA you will be picking up horse shit for the rest of your life.