Sunday, September 30, 2007

"15 is the number" system

Hello friends,

My trading system is based on a benchmark price.

I only crave for 15 pips per day, risk only 28 pips per day.

The benchmark price derives from my careful calculation on the previous day
Forex market price movements.

Since I only play on USD/JPY pair, so the benchmark price will appear only
for this pair.

To use this system is very easy. Follow this step by step guide:

1. Visit my Blog between 03.30 - 03.50 am WIB (GMT+7) everyday.
2. Seek for my last posting.
3. Get the benchmark price. ( I only trade 1 position each trading day and only on USD/JPY).
4. Try hard to memorize the benchmark price or just keep my Blog window open.
5. Wait until the close of the candle at 03.59 am WIB (GMT+7) on your trading platform.
Use only your TF 30M to see the closed candle and entry for your position
* I will post also my benchmark price on GBP/JPY to confirm our entry on USD/JPY. THESE TWO PAIRS SHOULD BE ON THE SAME WAY. FORGET YOUR ENTRY IF THEY AREN'T ON THE SAME WAY.
* If the price on the candle closes BELOW the benchmark price, take LONG position.
* If the price on the candle closes ABOVE the benchmark price, take SHORT position.

Example :
on September 27, 2007
My Benchmark price for USD/JPY is 115.37
My Benchmark price for GBP/JPY is 232.65
At 03.59 am WIB (GMT+7) on your platform TF 30M you see the USD/JPY closes at 115.51
At the same time, on your platform TF 30M you see the GBP/JPY closes at 232.73
The GBP/JPY confirm our entry for USD/JPY (both of them on SHORT entry)

Take SHORT position, set TP 115.36 SL 115.79
The price hits my TP at 06.30 pm for +15 pips

7. Be wise, use your virtual money first to try this system.