Sunday, February 13, 2011


hello friends, I strike to the point.

I have these rules for our signal altered to get most out of it.
the basic idea of filtering my false signal came from

I recommend you to read all the content from babypips school of pipsology.It's great..

Ok, about the filter.
the trend is your friend, so my signal has to be confirmed first with the main trend. Pip my System has been telling us for decades on how to spot a trend. click here to read.
So apply all what Pip My System explains in his blog to get a main trend and we have a trend as our filter.

So the rules are added:

after you get Benchmark price, checked on the main trend based on Pip my System :
1. If the main trend confirm the benchmark price, then we may continue to set the TP and SL as usual.

2.If the main trend DOESNT confirm the benchmark price, then we follow the trend by taking the opposite entry, e.g: The benchmark price tells you to BUY so you have to open SHORT and change the set of TP and SL to

USD/JPY ----> TP : +25
SL : -25

USD/CHF ----> TP : + 27
SL : - 27

This TP and SL are subject to change.

if it is working for 3 months, I will add it as permanent rule.

Tell us whats your opinion.Thanks.

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