Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ideas on How to use Idahon Forex Signal

I guess I have this obligation again to inform you on ways to extract most benefits from Idahon system.

I managed a pool in the upper section of my blog so in case you read it, you may wonder why I put question like " I'm using it (Idahon system) at my own entry time".

Normally in a forex system, everything has been set properly for the users. But in Idahon system every user is able to create his own modified new system base on the benchmark price given.

Many ways to modify or use Idahon forex signal for free System, like this few below:
1. Diffrent entry time (8.00 o'clock or 10 o'clock, you choose)
2. Choosing only one entry time (at 6.00 only) or only one pair (only USD/JPY)
3. Scalping (observe, Idahon System has been showing nice green scalping 5-12 pips per trade)
4. Inventing other indicator and apply it to filter my false signal
5. Any ideas?

Join the pool, Happy trading!!