Friday, October 26, 2007

"15 is the number" weekly report

Like a wise man said guys, +90 pips is ok enough:)

We had a very beautiful pips this week from 2 winning trades out of 2 trades.
I quickly slipped them inside my pipchest (I've told you what pipchest is, right?)
but we should have got more pips from today's trade if I my alarm had tried
harder to wake me up this morning:)

arrrrghh...nevermind, +90 pips is accepted. Plenty trades waiting ahead.

FYI guys, I will no longer post Friday signal for Monday trade.
The Expert said that Monday is consolidation day, strange things
happen in the market that day and my system can not withstand the craziness.

So, I'll begin my trade every Tuesday.
See you Tuesday then!!